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The Consequences of Pride: Lessons from Leviticus 26

Heeding the warning about the importance of repentance and obedience to Yahweh in heaven

Today, I am sharing the consequences of pride and its lessons from Leviticus 26 of the Holy Scripture. You must know these things now! Consider yourself blessed for being here and reading this key message.

Hello and welcome to the educational podcast, the free podcast on spiritual truths based on Bible that delves into the unvarnished realities of this world. I’m your host, Elder Dan. In this blog, I’ll be exploring a critical topic that’s been hidden in plain sight. I’m going to talk about the pride of power and how it’s been the downfall of nations that have refused to obey Yahweh’s laws.

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In Leviticus 26:19-25, we find a dire warning from Yahweh to His people. He says, “I will break the pride of your power; I will make your heavens like iron and your earth like bronze. Your strength shall be spent in vain, for your land shall not yield its produce, and the trees of the land shall not yield their fruit.” This passage is not just a historical warning to the Israelites, but a timeless principle that applies to all nations that reject Yahweh’s sovereignty.

When nations forget their place under Yahweh’s authority, they begin to believe they’re the masters of their own destiny. They think they can defy Yahweh’s laws and get away with it. But Yahweh is not mocked. He will not be ignored. And when He sees a nation’s pride and arrogance, He will break it.

We see this principle play out throughout history. Empires rise and fall, and often, it’s their own pride and corruption that bring about their downfall. The ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Romans – all of them thought they were invincible, that they could defy Yahweh and get away with it. But Yahweh had other plans.

Today, we see the same pattern repeating itself. Nations that once acknowledged Yahweh’s sovereignty now reject Him, thinking they can create their own utopia without His guidance. Yes, these are English-speaking countries, including the United States of America. But Yahweh is not silent. He’s watching, and He’s waiting. And when the time is right, He will break the pride of their power.

So, what can we do? How can we avoid this fate? The answer is very simple: humility! We must recognize our place under Yahweh’s authority and submit to His laws. We must acknowledge that our strength comes from Him, and that without Him, all of us are nothing and not worthy of anything good in this life.

Yes, the consequences of pride and its lessons from Leviticus 26 of the Bible cannot be taken lightly and its heavenly message cannot be overstated.

That’s it for today’s episode of educational podcast. Remember, the pride of power is a deadly sin, and Yahweh, the Creator and Father in heaven will not be mocked, according to the Bible in Galatians 6:7! Therefore, let’s humble ourselves before Him, and seek His righteous guidance as our Elohim in all that we say and do.

Thanks for tuning in, folks. Join me again next time for more thought-provoking Bible truths you won’t hear preached in mainstream religions. And don’t forget to check out this humble website often for more helpful resources and articles on real biblical truths that I always share for free!

Before I go, let me pray this prayer for you: May Yahweh bless you and keep you; may Yahweh make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; may Yahweh lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. I humbly pray these things to Yahweh through Yahshua, the true name of the Messiah, Master, and coming King, amen. Halleluyah, shalom!

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